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The following training courses are a sample of those offered by Enable Workplace Consulting to enhance the skills of individuals or groups of staff in the workplace. They can be tailored from lunchtime, through to half day, single day or two day workshops, depending on the needs of your organisation. The courses can be conducted at your workplace, or at a venue that we arrange.

Anti-Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Develop the confidence and skills to be able to prevent bullying in your workplace and to be able to handle any allegation proactively while protecting your staff and reputation.

Topics include:

  • Recognising bullying and how it is different from reasonable management action
  • Legislation including changes from January 1 2014 and the obligations they impose on managers and staff
  • Understanding the contribution of individual and group factors that give rise to bullying behaviour
  • Practical strategies to minimise conflict and promote productivity
  • Taking appropriate steps if bullying is occurring

Negotiation Know-How

Everyone needs to negotiate each day. This course skills the participants in specific strategies to use in their professional career, which can also be helpful in personal relationships.

Topics include:

  • win-win outcomes
  • five stages of negotiation
  • understanding different perspectives
  • the types of power
  • tips and techniques.

Leadership Power

Do you lead or just manage? This course is designed to enhance your skills to lead others in achieving your business goals and objectives. Topics include:

  • leadership styles
  • empowering good decision making
  • dealing with mistakes
  • effective delegation
  • leading change

Conflict Resolution

Learn how to turn workplace conflict into positive outcomes for your team. This course will address skills and strategies to change the focus from problem oriented to successful ideas to drive business solutions.

Topics include:

  • understanding the nature of conflict
  • sources of conflict
  • understanding individual and group aims
  • risk management while working on solutions
  • seeing the ideas in the situation
  • managing difficult individuals and personalities.

Personal Productivity and Effectiveness

Success is influenced by interpersonal communication and management skills. This course focuses on areas that are within the control of every individual

Topics include:

  • effective time use
  • time management systems that work
  • how to become more assertive
  • achieving work-life balance
  • personal action plans

Etiquette Excellence

Having the confidence to act appropriately in different situations assists your ability to network effectively and achieve your business goals.

Topics include:

  • Professional introductions
  • Top tips to build rapport and make contacts
  • Expected courtesy and manners in business
  • Meeting protocols
  • Embracing gender and cultural awareness

Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention (GRIN)

This training (usually two courses of two days each but delivered as a three day course due to the accreditation and experience of the trainers) is to assist participants to respond effectively to incidents and crises and to support people in the community, their colleagues and the organisation in the most appropriate way.  It focuses on both individual and group processes and is useful for all staff and particularly those in any peer support role within workplaces.

Course content includes

  • Crisis Intervention and CISM terminology and background
  • Introduction to Psychological First Aid
  • Crisis communication skills
  • Psychological and behavioural reactions to critical incidents and approaches to people in crisis
  • Crisis Management Briefing (CMB)
  • Rest, Information and Transition Services (RITS)
  • Immediate Small Group Support (ISGS)/Defusing
  • Powerful Event Group Support (PEGS)/Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  • Stress Stocktakes
  • Resilience/wellbeing sessions and associated strategies
  • Values, ethics and practice standards; and
  • Post traumatic growth/Self care

Strategic Response to Crisis (SRC)

This course focuses on the sequence of crisis intervention processes to use, for which individuals and/or groups, at what times and under what circumstances.

Training in strategic planning and tactical decision making is the cornerstone of this course, along with preparedness of the crisis support personnel.

This course requires prior completion of the Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention training programs (GRIN) or equivalent.

Course Content Includes:

  • Strategic planning as it applies to crisis intervention
  • Incident management systems and crisis intervention
  • Elements of effective planning
  • Steps in developing the plan
  • Planning process in assessing target populations
  • Determining the type, timing and resources necessary
  • Assisting large numbers of people involved in a crisis
  • The most important crisis intervention tactics, and
  • Managing a complicated or large scale crisis event in the workplace or the community.

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