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Nerio Baldini

Nerio Baldini

Nerio Baldini has over 30 years experience in Employee and Industrial Relations across a diverse range of industries in both the Public and Private Sectors including health, policing, finance, administration, entertainment and welfare. Nerio has worked for, advised and represented government, unions and small businesses.

Nerio's academic qualifications include a Masters Degree from the University of Melbourne in Industrial Relations. His major topic areas included Supervisory Practices and Labour Law. He also has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and other relevant qualifications are in the train the trainer arena and mediation. His memberships include the Australian Institute of Training and Development, the International Association on Workplace Bullying (IAWBH) and Mastering Business Acceleration.

Nerio's skills and expertise are in the fields of Workplace Conflict, Bullying and Harassment, Industrial Relations, Employment Conditions, Workers Compensation, Organisational Change, Cultural Communication, Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Negotiation Skills.  His experience is consistently valued by clients, with his expertise including design of policies, procedures and practices and the application of these skills to enhance productivity and provide personnel with tools to operate at optimal levels.

Nerio is a trained mediator and has both mediated and assisted parties in mediations. His mediation skills are regularly honed through involvement in protracted situations where resolution has been thwarted in the past, with an impressive achievement record in satisfaction from referrers and clients.

Nerio has trained in all his areas of expertise. He prides himself on tailoring training sessions to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the workplace, providing practical and effective learning environments that enable delegates to apply knowledge and skills immediately in their role. He is an experienced trainer of directors and understands the governance provisions of their role and their need to balance organisational effectiveness with specialist personnel collaboration.

Alexina Baldini

Alexina Baldini

Alexina Baldini is a psychologist with over 30 years experience providing support to organisations and individuals involved in workplace change and adaptation. She has specialist expertise in assisting recovery from workplace trauma, providing psychological services from early intervention through to focused rehabilitation services. She also has a background in human resources and workforce development and training.

Alexina has a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training, an Advanced Certificate in Supervision, a Bachelor in Behavioural Sciences, a Graduate Diploma in Adolescent and Child Psychology, and a Master of Psychology (Forensic). Her memberships include the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychology, Psychiatry and the Law; the Australian Institute of Company Directors; the Australasian Society of Traumatic Stress Studies; and Crisis Intervention and Management Australasia. She is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society.

Alexina is an experienced mediator and regularly is involved in consultations that are designed to enhance collaborative relationships and resolve conflict. She specialises in consultancy that can be preventative in nature, minimising future costs, promoting employee engagement and encouraging attributes consistent with employer of choice provisions. Her special interests include workers compensation assessments and supporting individuals in their recovery from trauma. She also specialises in workplace investigations aimed to enhance optimal functioning of individuals, teams and businesses.

Chrissie Kocotsi

chrissie headshot small

Chrissie is a psychologist and social worker with extensive experience working with children, young people and families.  For over 30 years she has provided assessments, counselling, supervision, coaching and mentoring for those working with young people, particularly in the arenas of student services, child protection, adoption services and disability services.  Chrissie brings her expertise in mediation, negotiation and family dispute resolution to Enable, blending her educational psychologist role with consultancy experience for families and workplaces dealing with staffing issues around special needs.

Chrissie has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, a Bachelor of Social Work, and a Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology.  Her research into the wellbeing and coping strategies of birth mothers receiving identifying and non-identifying information in adoption paved the way for her understanding of those going through transitions and seeking resolution from distressing situations.  Chrissie is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and her additional qualifications include family therapy, mediation, crisis intervention and grief and bereavement support.

Chrissie specialises in consultancy around family law issues including collaborative parenting plans and assessment and/or counselling of children and parents involved with separation and family disruption.  She also provides trauma intervention. Through her work with overseas students and her Greek background, Chrissie has developed an appreciation and understanding of individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.   

Charlene Pereira

charlene pereira

Charlene has a background in project management including the design and development of a centralised intake and assessment model for family mediation centres and the development and implementation of a supervision model for a mentoring program within schools.  She is a tertiary educator within the social sciences, with a master in counselling and professional memberships including the Society of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators Australia (SCAPE). Charlene is a facilitator of the collaborative family problem solving model and has work experience that includes senior program and policy advisor roles within restorative justice, including the implementation of the Children’s Koori Court.  Her management roles have required her to consult, negotiate and liaise with key stakeholders across government, non-government and private businesses to ensure performance accountability, service data collection and quality assurance for client outcomes.  She lectures in supervision, coaching and mentoring and brings her knowledge and expertise to her Enable role to foster a collaborative and comprehensive approach to change within client organisations.



Paul Dayman

Paul’s experience covers a breadth of roles facilitating positive behaviour change to support health, family and emotional wellbeing.  Paul is an experienced program leader and counsellor.  He has led the Family Violence Team for Anglicare Victoria Eastern Region, in which he managed a range of programs to assist men, women and children exposed to domestic violence.  He has also successfully created and run programs to develop positive behaviour change in ‘at risk’ boys.   As a counsellor Paul has experience working with a wide range of people, including supporting individuals through critical incidents.  As a trained fitness professional, he has extensive experience in assisting individuals to establish sound health, fitness and wellbeing strategies.  Paul has lead programs within the Royal Australian Navy, as well as in community fitness settings.  Paul places great emphasis on personal responsibility; guiding individuals to understand and enact their intrinsic ambition and potential for success. 

Paul has professional training in physical fitness and recreation including an Associate Diploma in Applied Science (Physical Training), a Diploma of Education & Training, a Graduate Certificate of Education & Training (Outdoor Education), a Certificate in Recreation Facility Management, and a Certificate IV in Fitness.   Paul also holds qualifications in counselling and support including a Graduate Diploma in Social Science Human Services (Counselling) and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Family Support Practice.

Paul is highly motivated and enjoys inspiring and guiding people.  He specialises in assisting people to understand and appreciate the importance of their work and life balance, enabling people to be in harmony in the domains of family, work and within themselves.  His special interest is working with fathers to assist them in developing a greater awareness of and understanding the significance of their role as a father, placing important emphasis on the father child relationships.   Paul uses his strengths in relationship building as an essential element of his work. 

Paul is able to draw on the breadth of his training and experience to provide a holistic approach to wellbeing, placing great emphasis on the mind-body relationship, connecting with the present moment, managing time and prioritizing values. 

Shelley Connell

shelley connell

Dr Shelley Connell is a psychologist who also brings to her role experience from a twelve year career in the corporate world.   As an Information Technology consultant, Shelley has worked in roles representing all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle as well as team leadership, training and facilitation roles.  Shelley has facilitated workshops and meetings for a variety of purposes for clients which include financial institutions and government departments. 

Shelley has practical experience In group and individual therapy in a range of techniques, including cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and interpersonal processing therapy.  She has practised in clinical, non-clinical, forensic, inpatient, outpatient, educational and community settings.

Formal qualifications attained by Shelley include the Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology), for which she completed the research project “An investigation of stressful situations in the workplace”.  This investigated workplace bullying and similar situations in the workplace.   Shelley has completed the Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Psychology), which included a research thesis on risk taking in young adults.  She also holds a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Electrical Engineering) and a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science).

Shelley’s volunteer history includes working within a variety of settings, including youth group leadership, committees and volunteering on the information desk at the Melbourne Magistrates Court. She has therefore developed an understanding of group dynamics in a wide variety of settings.

 Pam Hjorth

Pam is a counselling psychologist with a background in workplacerehabilitation, mental health, disability and trauma care.  

Pam’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Education (Counselling) from La Trobe University.  She qualified in 1990 and has held various clinical positions, including providing extensive counselling and recovery support following the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.

Pam uses a variety of tools and techniques taken from many therapy   schools, depending on the client’s presentation and goals in working   together – in a collaborative and a coaching way, focusing on the client’s   strengths.  She may use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution-Orientated Therapy, Systemic Family/Organizational Constellations and Positive Psychology as appropriate.

Pam has experience working with a wide range of issues people may experience including: anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties and breakdowns, life stage transition/adjustments, parenting challenges, grief and loss, and alcohol and other drug use. 

Pam is available to provide clinical and psychosocial assessments, group work in behavior change and pain management and individual support include rehabilitation services. In addition she is trained in organisational consulting (Graduate Certificate Swinburne University) and is able to consult with your organisation on providing services to people with a disability.

Peter Keuffer 

Peter is a psychologist specialising in crisis intervention and trauma. For the last 17 years he held the position of Clinical Director for the Victoria State Emergency Service where he was accountable for the psychological health and safety of some 5500 volunteers. He provided psychological services including training, assessment, counselling and referral as well as having responsibility for the Peer Support and Chaplaincy programs.

Peter is currently able to offer a bulk billing service for Enable clients and is accredited as a Workcover and TAC provider, along with specialist expertise in the stress, trauma, coping, adaptation and loss areas. 



Shanthani Erlich

Shanthani is a social worker who has had over 18 years of experience primarily working with young people within the mental health field.

Shanthani has a special interest in working with young people and their families.  She has experience in addressing a wide range of issues including trauma, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, protective behaviours, depression, grief and loss issues, parenting and family support.  She utilises an extensive range of techniques and strategies to address these issues including emotional regulation and relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma based therapy and solution focused techniques.

Shanthani has a client centered focus and endeavours to involve family and support people where appropriate, within the client’s life to assist a better and more effective outcome.  Her counselling works holistically with the client and those supporting them and she considers this of paramount importance in the healing process.